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This page contains pictures of wrenches that I have not been able to identify. If there is any that anyone can identify please let me know.
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Does anyone know what this is? I would sure like to find out.
31.5" long, 4.75 across head  Number was partly machined off  looks like M508 or M608 or something else
has 2 prongs that you can barely see, looks like it should ratchet



wrench is 23 7/16 long, 12 point box fits 1 3/32 square nut  Found in McCormick Threshing Machine


8 1/2" long, openings 1 1/32 & 1 1/8

Top: marked 18  20-22, 13 1/2" long
Bottom: marked 8144 or 9144, 15 3/4" long

Top Wrench: McCormick inside W&B Co diamond, 10 1/8" long, 6 11/16 top of head to handle, thumb nut 15/32"
Middle wrench: McCormick above center on head, 10 1/8 long, "nut replaced", 6 11/16 top of head to handle, thumb nut 3/8",  groove in shaft on both sides
Bottom wrench: McCormick center on head, 10" long, 6 13/16 top of head to handle, thumb nut 7/16 tapered

What are the McCormick numbers for these 3 wrenches??????

Logo P in circle

Does anyone know anything about this? Would like to know who made this.  If you do please let me know

I think it is a sickle puller

logo on wrench  shown on picture above                   logo turned over
length 3 5/16"  center 9/32"  small end 1/4"  large end 9/32"  Measurements could be off all I have is tape measure

There is a picture of a wrench for a Fordson tractor 1929 to 1933 in National Ford Tool Collectors November 2006 

Could this be the same Wrench.  Any help would be appreciated.

Top: W104
center: 170
Bottom: E 85

Top: X 14
Center: 2420A
Bottom: 578


All Unmarked

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